Tips to crack competetive exams

To crack any competitive exams, you first need to understand the pre-requisites for the examination. Before appearing for the examination, you should completely review syllabus of the exam, various subjects, weightage is given to each subject, so that you can plan your study accordingly. A look at the previous years' questions papers of the exam may also help you to get an idea about the exam pattern.

Step 1: Follow a time-table As a first step, make a time-table keeping in mind what you want to achieve in short-term and long-term. Preparing time-based goals will help you know how much time you need and how to prepare for the exam. You must consider a few points while making a timetable such as a fixed timing for study, don't study more at a stretch, take short breaks in between, and more importantly - give more time for the difficult subjects. Make sure you follow the timetable set by you rigorously as making a study-plan is easy but difficult to follow.

Step 2: Focus on preparation Instead of just memorizing the details, try to understand the subject. Once the concept is clear in your head, it will help you to remember the concepts for a very long period of time. If you know your subject, you can comfortably handle any question related to those easily. While studying, prepare your own short notes in the notebook. This is going to help you revise your subject in a short time. Reading these notes a few days before the exam will help you big time.

Step 3: Evaluate yourself Evaluating yourself from time-to-time is crucial for effective exam preparation. There are many online portals where you can find free sample papers and previous year question papers. You should attempt solving these papers while you are preparing for any competitive exam. A few points that you can consider while writing sample papers include: * Imagine like you are in an examination hall and try to solve the sample paper at a stretch without taking breaks in between. For instance, if you are going to attempt a three-hour exam, you must solve the sample test also within three hours.

→ After solving the entire test, analyze your answer sheet and do not forget to revise those topics which you have got wrong.

→ Avoid guesswork as many competitive exams also have negative marks for wrong answers.

Step 4: Stay positive and confident Confidence is the key. Keep positive thoughts, belief in yourself and your preparation. If you have prepared throughout the year, you won't have to go through last-minute rush and stress. Do a little bit of physical activity and meditation to improve your concentration. Taking stress during the entire preparation time is not advisable, in fact, you should stay away from people who pressurize you.