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UTM brings an opportunity for Educators and Educational Organizations to sell their courses online.

Register yourself as an educator or register your educational organization (coaching, school or college) on UTM & use our advance electronic learning platform to create and sell course online.

Expand your Institute over Internet, with the help of UTM educators & educational organizations can create & sell their courses over internet in big marketplaces.

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Reach students across India and around the world Sell to students already engaged with UTM Advertise and grow your course over UTM, with a chance to be visible on searches & targeted ads you can help boost your sales.

Sell globally to customers around the world When you sign up for UTM, you can reach customers within India and across countries i.e., you can give your products global reach.

Received timely payments (Account settlement)

UTM ensures your payments for your delivered courses are deposited directly in your bank account every 7 days.

How it works

Register your account as an Educator or Educational organization (Institute/ School/ College). After registration fill up your bank details and identity details under your profile.

Now you have access to your Account, your one-stop solution for expanding your educational services over internet.

Create your courses, and with approval from UTM your course will be online in 24 hrs.

In case you face any problem or need any support you can always contact us:

Once your course is approved it will go online and ready to be used by students around India and across countries.

By listing your course on UTM, you can reach potential customers & businesses every Week. You can also advertise on UTM with Sponsored Products and target customers relevant to you.

Receive your payment

After charging the convenience fee Payment for your sales excluding the convenience fee, will be deposited securely into your bank account every 7 days. You can view your deposited balance along with tips to grow and expand your business in your Seller Account. *This payment cycle will begin post account verification.